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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spring is here..

Apologies for not posting anything for over a month!!! Can only put that down to Spring Fever - as the days have got lighter and the weather milder we have all had flurries of activity that have taken up most of our time.
Our undergraduate students are completing final modules and are either currently on practice placement or preparing to start in a couple of weeks - we wish them challenges, learning opportunities and enjoyment! Our Masters students are in the middle of negotiating their assessments - except for our dissertation students who are heavily engaged in research projects and literature reviews. Soon it will be the time for marking, external examiner events, graduation ceremonies, evaluations and next year planning before we take some time to unwind and start all over again!
Sarah is currently speaking at the Rehab in Palliative Care Conference in Belfast and is frantically tweeting from here (follow her tweets on #palcarerehab). I am sure she will have a blog post to write on her return.
In the meantime, please feel free to browse and comment on our older posts, or read the Quest for Truth fairy tale, or even email us with your views on the blog and what you would value reading about.
Here's to continued spring mildness .................................