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Occupational Therapy

If doing does not meet your need

Your health will suffer with your deeds

Not being true to Nature’s lore

You can become sick to the core

(Wilcock 2005)

"Think about the fun things in life – meeting friends, going to the pub, playing football. They’re great. So when we can’t do them – it’s a drag. Now think of the everyday things – getting out of bed in the morning, getting washed, preparing meals, going to work or school. When we struggle with these things, that’s far worse. That’s a major problem. And that’s where occupational therapy comes in. Occupational therapists can help – not just so that we can cope with the basic necessities – but so that we can get the most from life.  College of Occupational Therapists 2012

Also a statement here from the World Federation of Occupational Therapists: click here

For more information about occupational therapy, how an occupational therapist may help you, and how to access occupational therapists  please visit the professional body website:
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occupational therapy said...

Occupational therapy is a great field, it is that treatment which help people to sort out their problems. This is very helpful for child's to regain their ability.