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Thursday, 2 October 2008

A Public Display ....

Week one of the new MSc Advanced Occupational Therapy online programme and things are going well. Our students have engaged in the virtual learning environment including the virtual classroom, skype, wikis and blogs and we even have a virtual cafe where we can all go to chill!!!

Whilst this cohort are embarking on this new experience we realise that the cycle never stops and we are busy considering how to reach our next potential cohort. With this in mind Sarah and I have decided to be very brave and "expose" ourselves here for the sake of the programme. As part of the induction package we were videoed talking about the programme - and now realise that a lot of the information may be just as useful to anyone considering their options for further study - and particularly when considering whether an online programme may be for you.

Hopefully you will find this short video useful. You can find further information about the programme here.


Sarah Stewart said...

Love the video. It makes you feel so much more 'real' to me. You've got me all inspired!

Angela said...

Thanks Sarah - feels a bit exposed being up here - but I guess that's all to do with developing an online identity. We just thought that this might be useful for anyone considering the programme.