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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Wikiflash is here!

OT Wikiflash is the rather curious name given to a time, this year during OT week (commencing November 3rd 2008), when we are trying to get a large number of members of the OT community to contribute to the online public encyclopaedia that is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a fantastic resource that many are turning to however there are problems with the system largely due to inaccuracies of content. These inaccuracies are often due to a number of reasons including editors plagiarising information, information being out of date (and thus wrong), and poor referencing. Despite this, increasing numbers of students, healthcare professionals and service users are turning to wikipedia as a first port of call.

OT currently has a tiny section in the wikipedia world with most content being US centric and largely focused on the title of "Occupational Therapy" rather than an explanation of our core skills, values and role. We are suggesting that the OT community in the UK takes a lead in updating and improving this resource. As a starting point we have created a website where you will find more information, including a “how to” guide, and some suggestions on what and where to make your contribution. You could do a little or a lot – anything and everything will help show what we do.

As well as benefiting the OT community, your contribution can also have a significant personal benefit as you can use your edits to demonstrate aspects of your CPD for the HPC re-registration process. For more information go to the website . Whilst we are specifically looking at this activity from a UK perspective, we have been discussing this idea across our networks and we are expecting that OTs in USA and NZ will also be taking part.

We look forward to a community of wiki-flashers in OT week!!

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