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Friday, 6 February 2015

Good Luck to our applicants for the full time BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

At the moment we are at one of the busy times within our undergraduate admissions cycle with the process of interviews and selection. I am always heartened by both the motivation and the high standard of the applicants we see during this process and it is often a difficult task to select only 56 from the 120 or so that we interview. We are constantly seeking ways of ensuring this process is fair and robust and offers a clear selection process for all involved - so one of the new changes I have brought to this process  is the introduction of Values Based Recruitment.

 Values Based Recruitment (VBR) works through identifying values and attitudes of the applicant and how they fit the organisation and/or nature of the business – in this case occupational therapy.
There are, of course many drivers for introducing VBR but we particularly consider the 

The NHS Constitution (2012) and  the introduction of the 6Cs of healthcare. All of our applicants are assessed against these values in a variety of ways through the process.

For those wanting to know more about our entry requirements and interview process please take a look on this blog and visit our FAQ sheet here

Looking forward to meeting all of our applicants selected for interview over the next few weeks.