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Monday, 11 April 2016

More than just a newspaper

Recently I was listening to a discussion on whether paper copy newspapers were becoming a thing of the past due to the popularity of the on line versions. Most of the discussion centred around content and whether immediate access to upto date news vs the solidity of the printed word was better.
What I realised was missing is that, to many people, a hard copy newspaper is more than just a paper full of news. As an occupational therapist I am interested in the routines that people engage in and how the things that they do have value and meaning for them. So why might we have a paper copy newspaper?

a) It gets me out of the house and walk to the paper shop - it gives me a reason to get dressed and go out.
b) Once there I might engage in conversation with the shop keeper and/or fellow customers - and that might be the only contact I have with others during the day
c) It might link to me to a familiar occupation/activity that I have done for many years in a world where my roles are dwindling due to life stage and/or illness
d) It might be a time marker. Reading the paper with a cup of coffee/tea/beveridge of choice may allow me to fill time in a valued way rather than the day stretching out with not much else in it.
e) I can re-read items at my leisure and know that they will remain there when I need them - online sites are updated so regularly that it may be hard to find an interesting piece again once it has fallen down the list.
f) I can do the crossword with the familiar rustle of folding the page and holding a pen in my hand
g) I can reuse/recycle the paper for all manner of useful things.

Which do you prefer and why?