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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

More good news

We have debated the use and relevance of blogging and networking in previous posts, and we now have the opportunity to take the debate to the College of Occupational Therapists annual conference in June next year.

A small international group of OT's, all who of whom have "met" via their respective blogs put together an abstract for a seminar on this subject, and it was accepted! Without giving the game away, we will share our experiences (positive and negative)and relate these to CPD and other professional benefits. If you are interested in the bloggers involved, you will find links to their sites on the right - Merollee, Will (metaOT) and Aishel. As well as Angela and I at Salford of course!

The challenge for us now is to co-ordinate the preparation of the seminar - Second Life anyone?? My alias is Lilibet Clip...


Merrolee said...

HI Sarah
Great to see you posting/blogging again - we're just heading towards the after end of semester tasks.. and so life can pick up in the virtual worlds again. Thanks for 'advertising' our seminar... and we could meet in Second Life to plan the seminar... thats if I can ever find my password again for my avatar - Koru Bracken!!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Merrollee,

I'm not sure about meeting in Second Life, I have had a few "accidents" with Roxyanna. have a look at this though, it made me laughh.

Merrolee said...

Hi Sarah
Just cruising around your blog again when I've a few moments. I will try Second Life - my avatar is Koru Bracken - but I've either forgotten my password (yet again)... or I've been kicked off for not using it in about the last three months - so look out in late January for a new avatar - will be Koru someone!!!1