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Monday, 4 February 2008

Hard to get started

Hello and welcome to our blog in 2008. I just wanted to put up a quick post to let you know that we haven't disappeared or anything - still here - but this year is speeding by - February already!! We have been busy putting the final touches to our MSc Advanced OT via elearning and have started the application process for this - so if you're interested please go to the website and have a look
and of course the team have been busy with assessment period for the undergraduate programme. Hopefully we will be able to post something worthy of dicussion in the next few weeks. In the meantime feel free to browse through earlier posts and comment as you feel appropriate. We value your input and the oppotunity to debate and share ideas.
Happy blogging


Anonymous said...

well ...i have a question....
im herre to know that whether studying occupational therapy is useful!!...or can anyone suggest me any other course !!..

Angela said...

Hi anonymous
I decided to open up your question to wider debate on our blog - oyu can follow the discussion on
I decided that a response solely from me could be quite biased.
Many thanks for engaging in our discussions