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Thursday, 17 July 2008

How far can you go in 15 months?

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Sarah and I were asked to present and discuss our experiences of using wikis to one of the other Faculties within the university who are considering introducing some of the web 2.0 applications into their own pedagogy - which of course we were happy to do. Our reflections and tips were well received by the group.
What I think was really surprising was the opportunity to take stock and really reflect on how far we have come over the last 15 months. Sometimes it's hard to see what has been achieved when what you are doing is both a cumulative development and enjoyable. Some of those developments include:
  • We have gained understanding and experience of using blogs and wikis within a pedagogical situation - both at undergraduate level and in readiness for our new on-line MSc Advanced OT that launches next week.
  • Having gained ethical approval we have researched and evaluated the use of wikis on the undergraduate programme and successfully submitted an abstract for and delivered a poster presentation at the recent annual COT conference .
  • We also successfully submitted an abstract for a presentation to an international conference - that unfortunately we were unable to attend- on the development of an e-learning programme
  • We have set up and maintained a blog - which, without wanting to seem premature - has become more and more productive in generating discussion on current issues within OT across an international perspective
  • The blogging experience has also drawn us to other bloggers which has resulted in a collaborative and successfully submitted an abstract for a seminar delivered at the recent COT conference
I guess my point in sharing all of this is to demonstrate that from a position of not knowing anything about blogs, wikis, social networking etc - in just over one year we are becoming recognised as potential leaders in our field. With motivation, support and time that has often been frustrating but more often quite enjoyable - we have opened up a whole new world of possibilties for our own professional development and that of others at all levels within our organisation and beginning to take this into the wider forum of the profession.

If we can do it - anyone can. Bear in mind that there is 15 months before the first HPC CPD audit
of occupational therapists in the UK- why not start now with your development - who knows where it may take you in 15 months time!! Feel free to share your achievements with us - by writing these down it can help you reflect on your own situation and prepare you for evidencing these should you be asked at the audit. We'd love to hear from you.


Sarah Stewart said...

It's funny, but I have been having much the same thoughts. I have been doing online stuff since 1997 when I set up the New Zealand Midwives List. But I have only been blogging for a year. Yet people are recognizing my work and I am starting to get some nice things said to and about me. Just waiting to be invited on an all-expenses-paid speaking tour, preferably world-wide. OK, so I can dream, can't I?!

lezekiel said...

I have just entered the world of web 2.0 and am getting to grips with wikis and blogs as well as trying to develop some e-learning interactive case studies resources to use here at Brookes Unversity.
I am amazed at how much I have learned already and am thrilled to see that things are happening out there in the OT world also. It really feels as if there is huge potential for professional networking and development. I am a bit of a learning magpie, so staying on track with this wealth of information and resources is the real challenge for me.
Do you have a wiki about the educational use of wikis? The team here are launching their first wikis for the students so it would be great to share experiences

Sarah Stewart said...

I would suggest you make a start with wikieducator, although I must admit it may be a tad difficult for a complete beginner. I use a wiki for my ePortfolio: http://sarahstewart-eportfolio.wikispaces.com/