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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Behind The Scenes.....

This week saw the beginning of a long and detailed process as we begin to revalidate our Undergraduate and Post Graduate programmes.  Periodically we have to demonstrate that the programmes we deliver are providing upto date best practice in order to be fit for purpose and provide a quality experience for our students.  To maintain accreditation status with COT and the HPC it is vital that we explore all relevant drivers and quality measures both for the Occupational Therapy profession and for our underpinning educational philosophy and practice on a regular basis.

We have now started the process that will end with amended and updated programmes ready to start in September 2014. Seems a long time away now - but I'm not so sure! Helping us (the whole staff team)  with the process will be a number of stakeholder groups including a Strategic Advisory Group with reps from NW managers, student reps and service user groups.

We thought this short slideshow might give a taster of the academic staff team in action. The quote "quite a lot of old dogs in the room" was made by a colleague to illustrate the point that a few of us have been around the block a few times so we need to keep our fresh approach to yet another process - we didn't take offence!

The day, which was rather intensive, was broken up with various youtube videos to help us on our way including ET gets OT,   and a warning not to tease each other. We think we had a rather productive day and have now all been given homework to do ready for the next day in November.


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