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Saturday, 27 October 2012

OccuBuzz and World Occupational Therapy Day

Today is World Occupational Therapy Day - all around the globe occupational therapists are engaging in activity to promote the importance of occupational balance, engagement and performance to individual and community health and wellbeing and celebrating our profession.

Here at University of Salford, as part of the celebrations, we are officially launching our newly developed app: Occubuzz. Some of you may have had a sneak preview already via OT News and WFOT.

 “OccuBuzz” is a light hearted app that draws on the concept that what we do affects how we feel (Wilcock 2005), and that by encouraging occupational balance  - the right amount of occupation and the right variation between occupations (Wagman et al 2012) we can work towards achieving the subjective experience of eudaimonic wellbeing (Hayward and Taylor 2011). This fun app is intended to get people talking and thinking about what they do and how it makes them feel.  We hope that it will provide people with some suggestions as to how to achieve occupational balance, and to highlight the potential benefit of occupational therapy for those who are unable to be their own therapist.

The app contains 7 questions that ask you to identify how you feel about the things you have to, need to or want to do in your weekly routine. A quick press of a button will provide you with feedback and will identify if you may be experiencing occupational balance, occupational deprivation or occupational overload. If the news is bad, the app then has a 'help me' button, and offers tips and links to improve wellbeing that are that are based on occupational therapy philosophy and principles.

The app is not aimed at occupational therapists, but at the general public. We would like to see the concept of occupational balance seep into public consciousness, and to highlight the steps a person can take to influence their own wellbeing through what they do. We believe that many people can be their own occupational therapist and in this way occupational therapy can be “defined by those who may benefit from it, not its practitioners” (Hayward & Taylor 2011 p 137). This is not to say the occupational therapist is redundant. Some people will be unable to overcome their challenges without specialist help, and the app contains links to the World Federation of Occupational Therapists for those who want to find out more about us.

This app isn't perfect of course. We acknowledge that occupational balance and participation in occupation are complex concepts; values and culture for example, influence occupational choices and these have not been given full consideration in this version of the app. The app is a work in progress.  It is intended that a fuller version will be developed on the basis of feedback from this one and so we welcome your help in sharing the app, and in making it better by collecting feedback and telling us about it.  

OccuBuzz  and can be found using this link http://www.occubuzz.com/

It can be accessed using smartphone, computer, or other mobile devices.

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Nils Erik Ness said...

This is a great idea, a real gift for the international OT community! Thanks a lot for sharing! Is it possible (or of interesst) to have versions in different languages? I am happy to translate into Norwegian. Best greetings from Nils Erik Ness (Vice president, Norwegain OT Association)

Angela said...

Hi Nils Erik, thanks for taking the time to comment here. I think Sarah may also have responded via Facebook that we would be happy to consider the translation into other languages as version 2 of the app is considered over the next few months. We'll certainly hang onto your kind offer to help.

Occupational Therapist said...

A Wonderful gift on world occupational therapy day and 7 question concept that u bought into this application is great concept and good for feedback from various people.

leehuck said...

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Jonas Broughton said...

I love the idea of World Occupational Therapy Day! AOTA does something, but not sure if its global. Occupational Therapy has a great community that would stand behind you for sure