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Friday, 29 August 2008

Calling for Guest Bloggers....

image: attributed to: tracyhunter under creative commons liscence

We recently conducted a survey on the blog as to what readers would like to see more of, the results suggest a selection of reflections, educational issues and mostly more about occupational therapy issues. We have come up with the idea of inviting guest bloggers to post from time to time on their experiences of working in the profession in today's world. Maybe you have a burning issue that you need to share with others, have a question that you could use some help with, have experienced a new way of doing something that you want to tell a larger audience about, or maybe you want to just offer your reflections up for discussion or to stimulate debate?

Don't forget, your involvement in blogging can be considered as CPD activity. You might look on this as an opportunity to dip your toe into the water' and then go onto develop your own blog!

The invitation is for anyone working or studying in the profession at any level and within any area to contact us if they would like to submit a blog post. For those of you who have never done this before we offer some guidance for you below in terms of "netiquette". Please email Angela (address on the right hand side of the page) with your post for editorial consideration and we will endeavour to include it on the blog.

Tips for writing blog posts:

a)Blog posts can be any length - but make sure that they are not too long else the reader may disengage
b) You must ensure that issues of confidentiality have been addressed (we have a post currently discussing this issue you might want to take a look at with the comments we've had)
c) try to engage people in discussion rather than just presenting information
d) You may also want to look at the 31 Day Challenge to be a better blog citizen.
e) ensure that you either reference any material that is not your own, or provide URL links for material that you would like to be linked to your post. Look through some of our recent posts that will show you how we reference others within our posts.

I look forward to hearing from you- happy blogging


Sarah Stewart said...

How about a post from a midwife? LOL :)

joan said...

I'm a former IT worker, blog enthusiast and MscOT student in Alberta. Recently I posted my OT blog aggregator at www.otblogs.org to share with my classmates and others.

Daily feeds from all the OT blogs get posted and the user can link directly to those posts & comment.

I also organized all the blogs by the country of origin (under the categories tab). The U.S. is leading with New Zealand and U.K. not too far behind.

If people have their own aggregators I've included the feed links for all blogs.

If I missed a blog please send me an email at joan.guetschow@ualberta.ca. Keep up the great posts!

Angela said...

@Sarah - Hi - we'd be very happy if you wanted to submit a post for us - as you know I ahve made numerous links to your own blog in recent months and I think there are many issues that span across the professions.

Angela said...

@Joan - hi good to hear from you - I have visited your site - a big thankyou for collecting all these together - extremely useful - I shall make sure I link through from our blog too.
Good luck with the MScOT.

Sarah Stewart said...

I'll have to have a think - what would you say was a good topic - how about inter-professional collaboration - you could do an answering post on my blog.

Sarah Bodell said...

@Joan - Wow. This is good! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of 'cross-contamination' over different professions on different blogs - like a 'blogging round table'!!
One thing that would be interesting to discuss would be transtheoretical models and jargon - how much we 'talk past each other' while thinking we are speaking the same language.
As for brevity of posts - hmmm, mine are always long (sigh).

Angela said...

@Sarah S - hi - good idea - we could do a reciprical post on interprofessional stuff if you like - or maybe tag into healthskills suggestion.
@healthskills - hi thanks for your suggestion - do you want to start us off?

Sarah Stewart said...

I really like this idea, but I am absolutely full on for the next couple of weeks. So I'd be grateful for someone to start this off. How about having the aim of it leading to a publication?

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to do so - give me a couple of days and I'll write something and email to you.