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Monday, 25 August 2008

Is studying occupational therapy useful?

We have just received a comment on one of our older posts and thought that I'd open it for wider debate rather than try answering on my own.

Anonymous said...

well ...i have a question....
im herre to know that whether studying occupational therapy is useful!!...or can anyone suggest me any other course !!..

So what do you think? How might you respond to this query?


Sarah Stewart said...

I think the answer is to give this person details of a course other than your own! :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I think it depends on what the person means by 'useful'?
For example, will studying OT get you a job? - probably
Will studying OT answer questions about how and why people do things? - perhaps
Will studying OT give you skills to think about the world? - somewhat

I have my personal doubts that occupational therapy-specific theory is especially useful (when up against psychological theories) but I have no doubt whatsoever that occupational therapy can be useful to help people achieve what they want in their lives - even if it's not always actually realised in practice.

Sarah Bodell said...

I have found the Model of Human Occupation and the theories on which is is based to be critical to my understanding of myself and others as occupational beings in the context of a wider environment. This understanding has helped me personally during times of stress and is essential to my professional life as an occupational therapist and educator.
Because both of these things are important to me I would say that studying occupational therapy is useful.