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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Of planes, airports and home

The journey home!

Taxi arrived early so we were happy to be on the move at last. Both Porter and Taxi driver seemed bemused that there was only one case between us - saying "lost" accompanied by shrugging of shoulders and splaying hands palm upwards in front seemed to do the trick. Journey to the airport was mainly in silence due to tiredness and Sarah needing to finish the good bit in her book - after which she remembered why she normaly doesn't read in moving vehicles!
The views from the taxi began to demonstrate the diverse distribution of wealth - from urban palaces through to a huge shanty town of what could only be described as huts with corrugated iron roofs - more like sheds I guess.
Arrived at airport and immediately to the Air France area to discuss the suitcase situation. After speaking with the check-in girl, then her supervisor and then a long wait for someone in baggage we finally learnt that her suitcase had been on its own holiday with a Turkish airline and was now in Paris. They promised that they would inform Paris to send to the UK and they would deliver it to Sarah's home. Now, call us pessimistic if you will - but we have little confidence of this!! Sarah asked to be upgraded for the inconvenience and we were told that the plane was full (didn't believe this either!).

It was at this point that Sarah lost control of her non verbals and every employee of AF was treated to a harsh stare as we went from check-in to departure area- stopping en route to eat - which restored humour a bit.

At the departure gate we were met by the girl from check-in who was waiting for us with new boarding passes - she had given us exit seats so at least we had leg room- and thus saving the rest of her colleagues from the Bodell stare.

There was again a third man on the end of our row - but true to form about half an hour into the flight he disappeared so we spread out a bit (I wonder of we should be proud that we seem to have ability to make people disappear - or concerned?). In fact at breakfast (about 10hours later) - even the steward was asking me where the gentleman had gone !
Little sleep was possible on the flight so we dozed on and off, watched films and read - for ever it seemed - then we finally reached Paris - and for the first time we were in the same place as Sarah's suitcase although for a brief moment!

After practising a little french - oui, merci! we went to the departure gate - delay of about half an hour on our flight but manageable. Sarah could almost smell the imminent possibility of full iPhone access once again and in fact as soon as we touched down at Manchester she was on facebook!

I reunited with my suitcase with a sigh of relief, Sarah was told yet anther story about how she needs to go about getting her case - still not convinced that what they have found is actually hers.

So, we come home to spring sunshine, a hung parliament, chaos on the stockmarket, and an empty fridge. After dropping me at home (thanks), Sarah's dad then took Sarah home to kids, dog and empty fridge.

Thus ends our Chilean adventure, we thank you for following our exploits and for all the support. We will of course be following up on some of the issues we have raised here and at conference so watch out for other related posts. And we will of course inform you of the eventual conclusion of "Suitcasegate". Am off to stock the fridge, unpack and get ready to teach on Monday.
Bye for now.............................................(PS check out earlier posts later - I shall be correcting typos, adding photos and creating relevant links later today)


Anita Hamilton said...

So happy that you are both home safely... it almost seems like a dream meeting you both. You are so tall Sarah! :-)

What a pair you are: dynamic, visionary, hardworking, yet... considered. I look forward to continuing our virtual working relationship and hope to visit you in Manchester one day, and get some more of that candy from Wigan!

Cheers, Anita.

Merrolee said...

Same from me.. (don't you hate when students say that)..
BTW - loved your posts - Anita and I were killing ourselves laughing when we read it - poor Air France staff coping with the dagger stares.. so assume bag is not yet at home with you?

Anonymous said...

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