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Sunday, 4 May 2008

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Anonymous said...

Hi fellow bloggers,

I've passed on the Kreative Blogging award to you, as I love to read your site.

Head to http://healthskills.wordpress.com to see what I wrote - basically you list 6 things you love, then nominate six blogs for the award. It's fun, and creates some great links you might never have made before!

Angela said...

Hi Bronnie
Thanks for the award - Sarah and I are in the process of considering our own awards ceremony - so watch this space!

Richard said...


Given the ever growing need for Occupational Therapists, I put together an article with a list of financial aid options for those hoping to enter the field. If you wouldn’t mind, could you share my article with your readers?

Here's the post:


Many thanks!

Angela said...

Hi Richard
I've taken a look at this information - on first glance it seems to only be relevant to USA - do you know if international students can also apply for these grants and funding opportunities?
Many thanks