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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Day 3 of the challenge

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Well, today's task is to sign up to a tracker that will help me keep a handle on where I have left comments and the posts where I may be involved in discussion. The recommended sign up is to coComment - which I found straight forward to install and sign up to. This means that as long as I put comment08 in the "tag" box at the end of where I write my comment on a blog post I can go to my page in coComment and see where I have been and what discussions I have engaged in. Great - day 3's activity completed! I have already had comments on my first two days postings and have had responses from comments written on other's blogs - it's working!!


Sarah Stewart said...

Hello Angela, thank you for popping by my blog - it was great to hear from a fellow health professional.

I have to say that I always saw OTs in a certain light because of my exposure to an OT in the early 1980s & I have never lost that very ignorant impression. What I have come to realise over the last year that OT is an incredibly diverse profession with a huge amount of skills to offer. The other thing I have come to realise is that you guys are way ahead of us midwives in your academic and education endeavors. So, congratulations on being a roll model to the rest of us.

The person who has educated me as to the role of the OT is Merrolee Penman, a colleague of mine at Otago POlytechnic. If you dont know her, check out her blog: http://oteducation.wordpress.com

I know she'd love to hear from you. best wishes from New Zealand, Sarah

Angela said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment. What a small world this really is! I do know Merrolee - in fact we met through blogging and together with a couple of colleagues here in the UK and another in USA we will be presenting a seminar at the UK annual OT conference in June on how social networking is bringing OTs together.
We got to speak in the "real world" for the first time last week as we set up a conference call between us all to plan the details of the session.
When we first started all this I guess I would never have believed how stimulating blogging could be and how it really does make you realise that (whilst valuable) our usual routes of communication can be limited. Blogging has really widened my horizons. It would be great to hear how it has worked for others.