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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Days 13 and 14 of the challenge

For this I return to a previous post made by a colleague of mine that has been receiving a number of comments recently (which as an aside seems to be an indication of how engaging in this challenge is encouraging more people to visit and comment on our blog - thanks). This post was about the use of web 2.0 in education and the opportunities that it brings. Commentors have considered the post on a number of levels - from supportive in terms of encouragement in how long things can take before they begin to demonstrate benefits, through a discussion on whether the term "appropriate" can be applied with a preferance for "helpful" (with some very humorous images created of how an "appropriate OT" might look) and finally the discussion turns to issues of accountability.
There are more and more blogs available (a good example here) that offer guidance, advice and information for health professionals - and of course being in the public domain these are available to anyone who may be patients/clients of services - or maybe future clients
"I think any mechanism that allows me to put forward information to the public (OK a selective public) is useful in that we are reaching people who might not otherwise ever hear about/see or interact with health professionals of any persuasion"

Through the comments there has been a clear discussion as to how we are accountable for the information we produce. A point well worth making I think. Take a look at the discussions and maybe add your own thoughts to the comments. If you have any tips or advice to offer they too would be welcome. Thanks

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