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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Day 15 of the Challenge

This blog has had numerous commenters over the last few months - all of which deserve a huge thankyou for making our blog grow and develop. However my award for the best commenter goes to:.....

Merrolee - thanks for your interest in our blog and your consistent, helpful and insightful comments. Your support has been invaluable.


Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Angela, I'm just doing the 5-in-5 challenge and enjoying getting out and about. I have been a little distracted this week so have got even more behind with challenge but that doesn't matter as long as I find it useful.

Spoke to Merrolee yesterday on Gtalk. She's at a big OT conference. Are you going as well?

Angela said...

Hi Sarah
I was supposed to be in Hamburg as I had a poster accepted but was unable to go at the last minute - although 3 other team members went.
Myself and a colleague have been working with Merrolee on a seminar for the COT annual conference next month on how social networing is bringing OTs together - although I don't think we are now going to meet up in the flesh - so to speak- but we will have some type of virtual link if the organisers can arrange the equipment.
I've fallen a bit behind with the challenge to - but will get there eventually.

Anonymous said...

Go kiwi's!! Merrolee is indirectly responsible for me getting my blog underway - I saw her blog and decided to AT LAST get mine going - and it's been all on since then!