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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Day 4 of the Challenge

image: University of Salford and Peel Park

Today I had to ask a question on a blog comment. I found it difficult to think of what I wanted to do at first and read a number of blog posts before returning to a post I had previously commented on and had a response from the blog author Sarah who is also taking the challenge. The post was a reflection on Day 2's task and I had written that I was enjoying her blog as a fellow health care professional (Sarah is a midwife in New Zealand). Further comments were added by others that spoke of the need to be more discussional and emotive in the response to blogs in order to generate real debate and stop the "love fest". My comment left for today's task agreed with the need to become more critical - but my question focused on why - if it was imperative that we engage in clear and honest discussion - that those same commenters felt the need to post anonymously - and raised the question of issues of netiquette when commenting on blog posts! I wait to see what - if any- response is generated.
This has a similar flavour to a post by one of our team (another Sarah) last year which looked at boundaries of sharing personal information. You may be interested to have another look at this?
What do you think? Do you think we should clearly own what we are writing on blogs - or does a level of anonymity allow for more frank and open debate. I would be interested to know what you think.


Sarah said...

Hi Angela,
I'm commenting as anonymous because I can't log in, but thanks for referring to my earlier posting. I have mixed feelings about anonymity. I feel that ideally, we should be able to own what we say by attaching our name, however there are occasions when this feels too exposing and to be "forced" to own a comment may result in no comment at all. Obviously this doesn't further a debate much!
Generally, if I'm commenting on a professional blog I will do so in a transparent fashion. If I'm commenting on a blog that relates to my personal or emotional life I generally would be anonymous and that is something to do with those personal and professional boundaries again.
Is that the right approach? Is it too "precious"? I don't know, but at the moment, it works for me and allows me to engage in both personal and professional development, along with a little bit of fun now and again.
Sarah Bodell!

Sarah said...

Actually, I managed to sign in after all, so I am now doubly identified!!!!

Sarah said...
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